How expatriates in Spain ans Portugal can reduce cost of living....

Thousands of expatriates living in Spain/Portugal are now able to take advantage of a new service to purchase their groceries from the UK just like their counterparts in France.™ operate a regular service from the UK to their depots in Spain/Portugal and shortly we will also cover France.

We can deliver weekly shopping to 1000’s customers living in Costa Blanca & Costa Calida areas of Spain, sending delivery vans full of food across the channel on a regular basis.
"We deliver food from Tesco’s & Asda, into a depot near Alicante Spain where it is estimated 75,000 Britons now live”
The popularity for the British goods in Spain is attributed to currency fluctuations between the pound and the euro. Many expatriates living in Spain are retirees and because their pensions and savings are in pound sterling they have found the cost of living in Spain to be a constant strain on their financial means. (Expats) have seen a 30% drop in their spending power over the past 18 months. For example, PG Tips tea bags cost €9 [£7.50] a box in Spain.
It is so much cheaper to buy certain food this way. The food in Spain is lovely, but you can come out of a supermarket there with just two carrier bags having spent €100. 
Most of our customers try and buy their fresh fruit, veg, meat and dairy in Spain/Portugal, but most other things they now buy from Asda or Tesco or in some cases both. We find that our customers also miss my home comforts, such as white sliced bread, baked beans, jelly and ready meals. There's just so much more variety in UK supermarkets."
Not only can we ship your groceries but all your other online purchase from the likes of Amazon, Ebay, Currys, to name but a few.

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